De Buitenkamer can be translated as “Outdoor Room”. It’s not inside, it’s not outside. It’s just in between. Our B&B has a magnificent view on the ancient vegetable garden, which used to belong to the country house De Valkenberg (1834), which is surrounded by a monumental wall. The garden is situated at the rolling landscape of the Veluwe, one of the Netherlands largest nature resorts.

The B&B has one wall with mainly glass and another one with great large doors. When opened, you feel like you’re outside! It’s a great place to relax after an active day in the forest, on the heath, at the water or in one of the nearby cities.

Our house is a coach house and dates from 1890. Originally it belonged to the Valkenberg too. There used to be 5 horses in our living room and our kitchen was the place for the coaches! The B&B was build later. You’re having your own entrance to the B&B.



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